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In some cases, it has been used in conjunction with traditional Filipino martial arts to demonstrate fleetness of foot and flow of movement.

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Instead of using traditional bamboo poles, most schools create their poles using plastic PVC pipe or wooden dowels. The two students switch between jumping with their feet apart and their feet together to simulate the movement of the wooden poles.

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This way, more students are engaged in the aerobic exercise, rather than just the dancer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Retrieved 15 January Human Kinetics. Brown Nation website. Archived from the original on 31 October Retrieved 7 November Retrieved 13 November USC Folklore Archives. Dragons range from 80 feet long to the record of over three miles long! An "average" dragon used in a dance is usually close to feet long. As many as 15 performers may be controlling the dragon.

Odd numbers are auspicious, so look for teams of 9, 11, or 13 performers involved at once. Along with the abundant symbolism attached to dragons in Chinese culture, the longer the dragon the more prosperity and good fortune are to be attracted. Lion dances are more prevalent than dragon dances, but some larger celebrations will have both styles.

Besides Chinese New Year celebrations — a guaranteed place to see the performances — you can often observe lion and dragon dances at cultural festivals around the world, business openings, weddings, and generally, anytime a crowd needs to be drawn. Joining a dance troupe is an honor and demands even more time and discipline from martial arts students who already have a regular training regimen.

The story behind China’s viral dancing school principal

The lion costumes are costly and require effort to maintain. Also, adequate time and talent are required to learn the dances properly. The more lions and dragons that a martial arts school can produce, the more influential and successful it is considered. Chinese lion dances are a way for a kung fu school to "show its stuff"!

During the s, lion dances were even banned in Hong Kong because competing troupes would hide weapons in their lions to attack teams from rival schools! Because only the best students from each school could join a lion dance troupe, the competitive spirit often led to violence during performances. The old legacy survives: today, many governments in Asia require that martial arts schools get a permit before showing off their lion dance. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

The traditional Chinese dance troupe China doesn’t want you to see

I think MineCraft is beating you in games to me because it never ends only if you delete it!!!! You just need to make the characters more handsome and cute, maybe even make some more hairs and put them up free!! And add some more dances!!! I hope you use some of my ideas!!

Hi JayJay, Thank you for your feedback and suggestions! We'll take them into consideration. We're happy to hear how much fun you're having at our dance academy. Keep being a star, Dance School Stories Team. I love this game. As a ballet and hip hop dancer myself, I like how the mice are realistic and the costumes are very real.


I also have a few suggestions. Multiple times, I have a jazz performance and it locks the shoes, so I have hip hop shoes with a jazz outfit, which takes a lot of points away and gives me a bad performance grade. I usually lose dance battles because of it as well. And I would also like more love interests. Another thing is hair and makeup! Mascara and most eyeliners, eye shadow, lipstick and lip gloss is locked.

Maybe unlock some of them? Just a few suggestions! Sorry this is long! Hi Nightshadow, Thank you so much for your extensive review. We are glad you're enjoying the game! And we appreciate your detailed feedback.

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We're always working on improving our game to make it the best it can be! Dance School Stories Team. When I first downloaded this game it was fun. I loved that you could do multiple styles of dance and choose which ones you want to do. However, as I went on more and more commercials popped up. Every time you leave a building an ad pops up.